Privacy Policy

Company information

MAK Atermonas
101 Stavrodromou str.
7733, Kalavasos
P.O.Box 27846
Larnaca, Cyprus

Data Controllers

The URL address that user's information is collected from is and the data controller is MAK Atermonas LTD.

What information is collected about users?

  • Anonymize Visitor IP address
  • User Id with pseydonym
  • Referrer URLs, the website that user is clicking to arrive in our website
  • Geolocation based in the ip
  • Device information like Operating System, screen resolution and browser
  • Email and/or telephone number in our Google Contacts account when you will contact us through Newsletter or Contact us feature.

Changes of the policy

We might change our Privacy Policy and we will inform you through our website.


Request your data deletion or ask us anything that you want to know more about regarding our Pivacy Policy by sending us an email at info at